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All Labour

This page explains what ‘performing work in and as part of a host’s business or undertaking’ means, and gives examples of when something is and is not a labour hire service. This guidance is provided to assist businesses to think through their circumstances and determine whether they will require a labour hire licence.

Businesses must consider all of their engagements where they supply workers, and consider whether they are providing labour hire services within the meaning of the LHL Act.

  • Offloading the truck and assembling instruments for the afternoon.
  • Shipping rakes, lutes, scoops, and splash jars to the paver.
  • Moving the asphalt saw to the cross over joint.
  • Clearing and cleaning the territory before the paver.
  • Apportioning and coating the territory for the day’s clearing.
  • Filling in as a Flagger to coordinate drivers from the work zone.
  • Moving water to the rollers, power brush, and plate compactor.
  • Building a launchpad for the paver toward the start of the force.
  • Helping the tirade administrator.
  • Scooping material out to the end door.
  • Keeping up tidiness and storing gear by the day’s end.

When it comes to driveways and paving Auckland, you need the best team with relevant skill and workmanship. With the team of experts, we endeavour to deliver asphalt installation and maintenance services. We provide the best pavers and technicians to address your specific requirements. 

Driveway maintenance 

It is usual to see trivial chips and cracks in the driveways as the surface gets exposed to various environmental conditions over time. If left untreated, the trivial issues may grow into a significant problem. Our workers guarantee the best solution for your asphalt driveway repairs

Moreover, deep cleaning in the hard surface is procured by expert pavers in Auckland. You can contact us to take immediate actions and eliminate the minor repairs with the help of our labourers. It is essential to maintain the driveway regularly. As time passes, you will witness the cracks. Our expert pavers have perfect solutions to eliminate the root causes of driveway repairs. Our technicians will be providing necessary assistance for all your driveway needs. 


Whether you want to repair, resurface or replace the existing driveway, the T&W Asphalt company in Auckland is ready to offer you the ideal solution. Every driveway is different, and it necessitates different solutions. 

If your driveway structure is good, it requires quick fixes that can be done without tearing the surface. Resurfacing is the structural repair that enhances the life of driveways. The process comprises patching and resurfacing with a new layer. Chip seal is another solution but that is not ideal for fixing structural damage. Both the solutions offered by our labourers are fine for a long-lasting driveway. 

Other works

Our labourers execute other work helping the pavers Auckland to get their job done in time. From unloading the truck to gathering the equipment, they have got you covered. At times, pavers look for essential equipment, and the labourers are well-equipped to help them by shipping things like rakes instantly. 


 Before commencing the paving service Auckland, the surface should be cleaned, and the technicians clear the surface keeping it ready to lay the driveway. There is more our labourer can do, including but is not limited to moving water to the rollers, constructing a launchpad for the installers to initiate, assisting tirade administrator, maintaining the tidiness all day long in the construction site. 

 Our labourers can help you out in getting the job done. T&W Asphalt company in Auckland has the skill and expertise to provide the best solutions for your driveway needs using an effective approach. Our pavers are committed to delivering the highest quality of work in all our projects to meet industry standards. We ensure that our labourers work under maximum safety precautions.

Whether it is a residential or commercial project, you can trust our asphalt contractors Auckland. If you want the driveway to last for a long time, you can connect with us. 

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