At T&W Asphalt, we help homeowners improve the property’s curb appeal with a top-notch asphalt driveway Auckland. Your driveway is the first thing visitors will ever notice, and we know the importance of maintaining the asphalt driveway.

Though driveway installation is the initial stage in elevating the value of your property, maintenance is vital to keep it new for a long time. An asphalt driveway is easy to maintain, but professional assistance is crucial for a perfect job.

Asphalt is used as a stunning and durable pavement option, but without regular maintenance, the deterioration of your driveway can nudge you to replace it. You must utilize the help of contractors without splurging more.

Our crew members endeavour to maintain your driveway and extend the life of every asphalt maintenance project we take up. Several factors emphasize the maintenance quality of pavements and you’ll get to know about them below. We can classify maintenance as preventative, corrective and emergency driveway repairs Auckland.

Preventive measures

Sweeping the pavement is an effortless yet important step to prevent dirt or sand from accumulating over time. When these particles occupy the driveway surface, they begin to deteriorate and eventually result in huge damage.

Apart from this, crack sealing should be done regularly. If you are scheduling maintenance, it is important to address the cracks at first. With high-pressure air, cracks larger than half an inch will be cleaned, and contractors will use a hot rubber crack sealer. Sealcoating will increase the life of the driveway and also eradicate the damaging effects of environmental conditions.

Curative measures

 If there is a particular problem, our crew members will take corrective measures to fix the asphalt driveway. Surface repairs are common in most asphalt driveways which can be eradicated by applying a compacted hot mix in a low area.

The entire process is called skin patching. If there is a problem in the base, removal and replacement are considered the best options. The problematic area will be removed, after which the base material will be replaced or replaced. Finally, a hot mix of asphalt is added for a perfect finish.

When it comes to the asphalt service in Auckland, an asphalt overlay is one of the crucial processes procured to fix the problems in driveways. A hot mix of asphalt is installed in the new surface layer, and the asphalt completes the job when laid directly over the existing driveways. 

The asphalt overlay is possible only when there is no colossal base failure, so connect with the paving contractors Auckland to evaluate the problems in the asphalt driveway and check overlay is suitable.

Apart from this, our asphalt contractor Auckland will evaluate your driveway to provide the best maintenance care regularly.  

Emergency repairs

If you notice any potholes in your driveway, it is important to acquire immediate assistance from the top asphalt company Auckland.

Potholes can sprout due to various factors, including environmental conditions and heavy usage that pressures the driveway. Potholes are identified as the unevenly cracked area where the paving materials have been worn. 

Whether it is a small crack or a huge pothole, you must consider connecting with an expert contractor to get rid of the pothole problem. When the emergency driveway issues are left unnoticed or ignored, it can lead to huge repairs and can even cause homeowners to splurge in driveway replacement.

At times, certain driveway problems need an immediate fix to use the driveway for a while, and our asphalt contractor in Auckland provide temporary treatments. A safe yet temporary fix is done to let you use the driveway without any hassles. 

These can be difficult to handle, but our team will always be there to provide you with the best asphalt repair service in Auckland. When you have the right assistance, it is easier to maintain the driveway and spot damages early to fix them before it worsens over time.

People find asphalt the best choice for several perks when it comes to driveways, including durability, quick installation, and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, maintenance is lesser when compared to other paving materials like concrete. It is crucial to take care of the asphalt driveway after installation, but you don’t have to splurge more.

If you have noticed cracks or potholes in your driveway, get in touch with our team. Our expert pavers have several years of experience in asphalt driveway maintenance. Unlike concrete driveway repairs Auckland, asphalt repairs take only a few hours, and you will be able to access the driveway quickly. Your search for “asphalt patching near me” ends here. 

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