If you have to choose the right driveway from the popular choices available, it is essential to consider a few factors, especially durability and cost. These two factors are way too important. Apart from that, every home deserves a functional driveway for effortless garage access.

When it comes to the driveway, you have to consider edging systems, fences and trees near the property. Reliable paving contractors Auckland will make sure all these concerns are addressed before the driveway installation. Before everything, you need to choose between asphalt and concrete. These are the two popular driveways predominantly used for residential as well as commercial properties.

Though they have different names, asphalt and concrete are very similar as they are created with stones and sand. The binder is the only difference in these driveways. Asphalt has asphalt cement. In the case of concrete, Portland cement is used. Get to know about the two important factors and how they can influence your decision of driveway installation.

Firstly, asphalt is an exceptional choice as it is malleable and easier to install in the driveway. But it is also considered a drawback as the temperature change can make the asphalts move, affecting the driveway. In the case of concrete, temperature change or chemicals do not damage the driveway.

Concrete driveways cost more than asphalt service in Auckland, but the prices change according to the work’s region and complexity. In a nutshell, an asphalt driveway costs around $4 per square foot, which is $6 in concrete driveway. Moreover, it is not about the installation cost, and some factors influence the cost of the driveway. Before you choose the material, think about the budget. The factors that are specified below will impact the cost of your driveway.


Both asphalt and concrete are commonly found, which makes the contractors obtain easily from the dealers without splurging more. However, the dealers may quote more if the content is rare in your region.

Size of the driveway 

This is one of the most important factors that directly affect the cost of your property. If you want a huge lot, it is essential to spend a lot regardless of the materials you choose for the driveway.

Aesthetic design 

You might think about including some features to make your driveway look beautiful. You can add lighting and other features for an upgraded driveway.

Other factors 

It is not just about the driveway installation, but the process of excavation and site work requires more time and money for both materials. Excavation and preparation costs add to the asphalt driveway installation where site work is important to pave the concrete driveway. Moreover, the drainage system for your driveway is way too important. The driveway may be damaged during rain, so it is better to get a fresh base and drainage system, which is a long-term investment.

High upfront and maintenance cost 


For concrete driveways, you need to pay more than you spend for asphalt driveway. Also, the damage that occurred in the driveway is hard to repair and costs you more than an asphalt driveway. But asphalt driveway needs resurfacing and resealing at least once in five years. Moreover, a sealant coat is essential after a few months of driveway installation. The maintenance cost is far lesser in concrete driveway repairs Auckland.

A brand-new driveway for your property is a huge expense, but choosing the right contractor will make it a long-term investment. Both asphalt and concrete driveways are the best choices, and it’s hard to tell which is cheaper. Concrete has a high upfront cost, whereas asphalt driveways necessitate maintenance costs more.

Final thoughts 

Choosing a material for your driveway can be difficult, but it is based on your personal preference. Installing a driveway with the help of reliable contractors is the best choice. The expert technician will assess your property to provide valuable suggestions to choose the right materials for your driveway. Contact our team to pave excellent driveways for your properties. Our crew members have experience in driveway installation, maintenance and driveway repairs Auckland.

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