If you plan to spruce up the external look of your home, the first thing you have to consider is the driveway. You can either choose pavers or concrete as these are the popular choices of property owners. 

Both these materials have benefits as well as drawbacks that you have to consider. With these things in mind, pick the right material suitable for your driveway or parking pads service Auckland. Then, you can check out the pros and cons to know which is the best selection for your home.


You can buy pavers in different materials and colours, which gives paving contractors Auckland the choice of being creative in driveway design. As there are individual bricks, you can customize the design based on your likeness. It doesn’t mean that the concrete driveway is monotonous as the options are limited. 

With advanced techniques, the paving team can customize the appearance of the driveway as per your requirements. However, you can consider the pavers as there are several colours, styles, sizes, and patterns. Moreover, there are innumerable stone types like slate, travertine, sandstone, and granite.


Whether you choose concrete or pavers, the driveway should be installed by paving contractors Auckland. There are way too many steps when it comes to the installation, and even a tiny mistake can result in substantial driveway problems. 

When you consider the difficulties in installing the driveway, pavers are tough to install, and concrete driveway is less labour-intensive. A concrete driveway is easy to install, and it only takes a couple of days to settle before you start using it. 

The installation process involves excavation, grading, foundation, setting forms, and pouring concrete. Installing pavers will necessitate the professionals to implement several steps starting from excavation to sealing the pavers.


When it comes to cost comparison, concrete is considered to be the cost-effective choice. From materials to installation cost, pavers necessitate you to splurge more. However, the cost will be similar when you choose stamped decorative concrete. 

Before choosing the best option, connect with professionals to know the best material on your budget. Moreover, considering the long-term costs will help you to find better options. For example, you might have to splurge in concrete driveway repairs Auckland, and pavers are durable for a long time. When there is an issue with the pavers, you can remove the single brick or stone damage.


Concrete is easy to maintain as the chances of weed growth are way too low. However, the weeds can grow between pavers. If there is an issue with the pavers, you can simply get rid of the individual stone. When it comes to a concrete slab, the paving contractors Auckland might ask you to replace the driveway.


A concrete driveway is highly affected when there is constant ground movement and temperature change. The environmental conditions can deteriorate the concrete driveways. So, the material is prone to cracking and splitting. In the case of pavers, there is no worries about cracks. However, the chances of pavers getting loose are high.


A concrete driveway is slippery when it is wet. On the other hand, pavers are not considered slippery as they are placed individually. You have the choice of raising the edges to have more grip while walking.


Repairs are easy to tackle when you have used the pavers as the problematic paver is replaced without disturbing the other pavers. However, concrete driveway repairs Auckland like cracks are hard to resolve as you will have to remove the slab for laying a new driveway.


A concrete driveway is tough and resists heavy loads, whereas paving stones are also more vital to resist. However, the chances of cracking are more in concrete when there is heavy traffic. Pavers can endure high pressure without cracking. Therefore, it is essential to know that pavers are four times stronger than concrete.


If you want to increase your home’s curb appeal, it is better to choose pavers as concrete design choices are limited. Pavers can be a significant addition to your property. Pavers are beautiful and versatile, so property owners consider this material over concrete. You can also choose decorative concrete driveways.

If you want to elevate the property’s driveway, consider the preferences. From durability to maintenance, every single factor adds value to your final decision of choosing the suitable material. Concrete driveways are the ideal choice, whereas pavers can offer the best value.


Both pavers and concrete have their pros and cons, so you have to choose between them. Some people might choose by comparing the cost alone but taking every single factor given above will help you evaluate the durable driveway for your home. If you still have doubts about choosing the suitable material for your property’s driveway, get in touch with our paving contractors Auckland. With years of experience, our experts will provide the best suggestions to suit your requirements.

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