Whether it is residential or commercial premises, kerbs can be the ideal choice to get a perfect finish in your driveway or any asphalt service in Auckland. The cost of kerbing is based on several factors like purpose, shapes and types. It is essential to be vigilant while making the right decision. Check out the below information to know the correct type of concrete for your kerbs.

Laying the concrete kerbs perfectly

Whether it is a lawn or asphalt driveway Auckland, it is crucial to complete the landscaping project with edging. This will ensure a clean look and increase your property’s curb appeal. There are various options such as concrete, stone, brick and other materials used in the kerbs. 

A flatbed of concrete aids the kerbs and provides complete support in the centre. There is no need to worry about the kerb installation when you have the right team. Though some property owners prefer DIY options, relying on professionals for a clean installation is better. 

Various material choices for your kerbs 

From residential to commercial buildings, kerbs are a vital part of your property. When installing the kerbs, it is easy to segregate the vehicles’ roadway from pavements. At times, vehicles’ roadway can negatively impact your property’s aesthetics. Moreover, the traffic flow can also be inefficient, so it is crucial to select the best factors when picking the proper kerbs. 

Firstly, you have to consider the material type and understand how it will influence the kerbs’ functionality. There are various options for property owners to choose from, and ensure that you check the available material types. The materials can be selected based on the benefits and drawbacks. Here are the popular choices of individuals when it comes to the parking pads service in Auckland


Concrete is the best material option for kerbs as the raw materials are cost-effective and readily available. Moreover, the characteristics of concrete make it a popular choice, and it is prominently used in commercial properties. The concrete kerbs are done by professionals and installed using kerbing machines. Therefore, connecting with a well-equipped company is essential for easy kerb installations. The installation speed is also considered one of the crucial factors that influence the cost. 


Asphalt kerbs are the next best choice as the kerbs perform well without any hindrance, and there is no need to worry about durability. Asphalt kerbs will be strong and endure exposure to the external environment. 

When it comes to asphalt kerbs, paving machines are usually used. The process will be done in no time as the asphalt contractor in Auckland uses paving machines to complete the task efficiently. The cost can be minimised by installing the kerbs during commercial pavements. Kerb installation is also based on the condition of vehicle roadways.

Why concrete is the best for kerbs? 

As kerbing is a crucial barrier to separating landscape design, utilising the most robust materials is essential. Concrete is the finest choice for kerbing due to innumerable reasons. First off, the concrete kerbs are cost-effective. Paving contractors in Auckland can get concrete materials at an affordable price, but the vital characteristic makes it a reliable choice in the construction industry. 

Though the concrete kerb installation necessitates property owners to spend more, consider it as a valuable investment that assures many benefits in the long run. Furthermore, kerb installation increases your pavements’ life and protects shrubs or flowers from damage.

As said earlier, concrete is the most robust material. Though vehicles are not allowed on the kerb, they never stop, especially on commercial property. Concrete kerbs endure when an individual drives the vehicle by mistake. Moreover, weather conditions can deteriorate other materials as the kerbs are installed outside. 

There is no need to worry about unprecedented weather conditions when you choose concrete. Whether it is rainwater or snow, concrete kerbs are very durable. When you choose concrete kerbs, the structure will last for decades, and you don’t have to search for a replacement.

Get to know about the different types of concrete kerbs. 

There are three kinds of concrete kerbs: mower, straight, and roll kerbs. A mower kerb can be the best choice to border your gardens or lawn. It will be easier to mow the lawn as these kinds of concrete kerbs have elevated front edges. Barrier kerbs are usually used in places with high traffic of heavy vehicles. Roll or mountable kerbs are unique as they are perfect for commercial areas.


If you are trying to improve your commercial property, there are several ways. However, concrete kerbing is the ideal choice, and you don’t have to splurge more. Concrete kerbs will increase the curb appeal of your property. It is crucial to connect with the best team who will install the kerbs perfectly. As a reliable asphalt company in Auckland, our team has offered the best solutions for many households in the region. It’s your turn to get professional assistance for concrete kerb installation at your property.

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