Milings Driveway Auckland

This process utilises either bobcat-mounted milling tools, or larger dedicated pavement milling machines. The surface is ground and the existing original damaged seal removed prior to reinstatement with new asphalt.

Generally this is carried out as pavement maintenance to repair pot-holes or cracked seal in driveways carparks and streets.

Whether your property needs a brand new asphalt pavement or maintenance for your Driveway Repairs Auckland, asphalt milling is essential. The milling process is usually procured before applying a new asphalt layer, and the process can be redundant to better the pavement whenever required. Asphalt milling, also known as cold milling or profiling, is the grinding process procured to eliminate the pavement layers. Our expert team brings the essential equipment to complete the cold milling process and ensure the surface is ready for further steps. 

At times, you can identify deterioration in the existing pavement. Several causes result in pavement problems, but the best solution is to execute asphalt milling. Our team will determine the underlying issues of your pavement and offer the ideal solution. 

As the leading Asphalt Contractor In Auckland, we offer ideal asphalt services for all our clients. When it comes to milling service, we ensure a uniform surface with the best profiling approach and eradicate the imperfections. Whether it is a small crack or hug pot-holes, our team can provide you with various solutions based on your requirements. If the damage prevails, we utilize the milling approach to remove the complete asphalt surface. We pursue an environment-friendly approach as the milling process involves too much smoke resulting in pollution. As soon as we execute the milling process, you can instantly use the driveway, as it might hinder the traffic. 

Being one of the reliable Asphalt Contractors Auckland, we provide a long term solution for all your asphalt needs. With proper maintenance, our asphalt services last for several years. Even if the pavement is stable, you might have other requirements like drainage pattern maintenance, which necessitates eliminating the asphalt layer. Our fleet of milling equipment ensures that the milling process is executed without any hassles. 

As per your requirements, our Pavers Auckland offers the milling services. You can choose to eradicate the entire surface or mill only particular asphalt paving areas to lay a new asphalt layer that merges with the current condition. Once the milling process is complete, we wrap up the work only after ensuring that the surface is clean and the application of the tack coat is successful. 

Check out a few milling services that your property needs 

We at T&W Asphalt Company In Auckland have several years of experience in all asphalt services. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is what matters to us. Our expert team offers top-notch milling solutions. All our milling services are cost-effective as we find the best possible approach without having to splurge more. 


Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is removing the asphalt pavement and eliminating issues in the existing surface. Initially, our Paving Contractors Auckland will eliminate the top asphalt layer, and the materials are ground in the milling machine until the perfect consistency is attained for new pavement. 

Parking Lot 

We execute milling services on all kinds of paving surfaces. Whether it is a commercial parking lot or personal parking space in your residence, our crew has several years of experience delivering high-quality Paving Auckland to all our clients. We have the best solution for your asphalt needs, and you can count on it. 

If the age of your driveway is more than a decade, it is essential for periodic milling from time to time. Asphalt milling is the cost-effective solution to revamp the driveway surface. Instead of eradicating the Asphalt Driveway Auckland, the milling process helps in removing a layer to replace it with a sturdy overlay. 

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