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T & W asphalt is a leading expert in asphalt pavement repair. We also specialize in asphalt seal coating and preventative maintenance for roads, neighborhoods and roadways. As a leading parking lot paving contractor throughout all the suburbs of auckland, we have the capability to reach all of corners and surrounding cities on auckland.

If you desire to have pavements that meet council site coverage standards without compromising the aesthetics, you are in the right place. Whether you plan to let water through the pavements or enhance the look of your property, our pavers have got the right solution. Being one of the top paving contractors Auckland, T&W Asphalt is here to offer personalized paving solutions for you. 


No matter what your paving needs are, we have the right team and unique approach to deliver the proper asphalt paving solutions without creating a dent on your budget. There are numerous pavement designs from which you can pick the best for your property. 

Our experts are specialized in constructing and repairing the pavements, be it asphalt or concrete surfaces at shopping malls, commercial parking lots and diverse surface areas. We ensure that the end product goes exactly in sync, just like our clients envisioned. 

With several years of experience and essential tools, we procure any pavement works regardless of the size. Our bespoke solutions are a result of perfect project management, and we assure the best standards in all our projects. 

Our pavers Auckland can suggest to you the perfect solutions that can save time and money in the long run. We aim to install the pavements that suit your property and also assure low maintenance for several years. 

If you plan to have a special surfacing area, it is essential to complete the paving Auckland with high standards, and that is what our expert professionals promise. We take care of the pavement installation, starting from meeting to installing the best pavements. We utilize basic measures and move forward with the latest technologies to advance through the next phases of pavement installation. 

Residential Paving

On the quest of finding a paving specialist? T&W Auckland Asphalt company is the right choice. With decades of experience in the industry, our experts can elevate the look of your home by converting a usual outdoor space into an aesthetically appealing area with top-notch paving products. For several years, we have been trustworthy asphalt contractors Auckland for diverse kinds of paving projects. Whether you want a brand new pavement or driveway repair Auckland, our experts have got you covered.

Commercial paving 


We have offered a wide gamut of paving solutions ranging from car parks to patios for your commercial property. If you plan to install a new pavement or resurfacing the existing pavement, you might think of disturbances in your routine. We undertake numerous projects in and around Auckland and provide the perfect paving solutions for our clients without causing disruptions to your staff or customers. Working at a commercial property can require the best safety precautions as the regions might be busy.


Pavement maintenance

T&W Asphalt company in Auckland can fix the underlying problems in your current pavements. As the years’ pass, your pavements require repairs and proper maintenance. Many causes can affect paving, such as the surroundings or improper installation. Our experts will determine the root cause of your pavement repairs and offer the best asphalt services to uplift the sturdiness and curb appeal in no time. 

Car Parks

Having sturdy car parking at your home or commercial building is crucial as you should not constantly worry about using it without any damage for a long time. Car park can be a critical embellishment that adds more value to the property. T&W Asphalt company in Auckland is specialized in constructing brand new car parks for our clients, no matter how big or small it is. 


Whether you need a new pavement or planning to include another pavement for additional parking space, our experts can help. We can also repair the existing driveway that necessitates complete resurfacing or minor tweaks. Our team has all the necessary tools to execute the project from the initial phase and successfully wrap up the installation. Our ultimate aim is to pave the best asphalt driveway Auckland that lasts for a long time. 


There are several advantages of having a patio on your property. It can enhance the property’s value and elevates the homeowner’s lifestyle by several notches. Our asphalt contractor in Auckland offer diverse options that are perfect for your property. You can choose the best solutions that suit your requirements. Apart from the style and colour of the patios, we consider other special factors and the functionality. 

Pavements are available in a wide gamut of shade and sizes for commercial and residential property. If you want to know more in detail about the right paving solutions for your property, reach out to us. Our experts are always here to help!!

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